Summer greeting card!

Hello. I'm Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

It's been very hot and humid these days...!! Is everyone doing ok?
I'm very worried about whether my friends are ok or not from the summer heat, so I've decided to send a post card to them to ask how they are doing during this summer.

In Japan, there is a custom of sending a post card (summer greeting card) to family, friends and former teachers to ask their health in summer heat.

SNS is often chosen as a convenient communication tool today, so sending summer greeting card is not as popular as before, but I think it is good opportunity to show one's care for someone important.

I've already bought some.
Here are what I found for this year!!

If you are traveling in Japan, why don't you send a summer greeting card to your family and friends in your country?
It would be great opportunity to introduce them about Japanese seasonal tradition and you can let them know how you are spending summer in Japan as well!!


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