Hi there.
Did you enjoy this summer?

I got a week off and have been to Bali.

I really didn't know much about Bali and didn't expected it that much.
But it was really great time!

Bali has beautiful nature like beach and forest and mountains.

And also it's famous for surfing.
The most famous place with famous spots such as Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Bingin, Impossible, Dreamland.

Those places are not for beginners (except Dreamland), waves are really crowded and some really dangerous (the reef is usually not far from surface). If you are beginner or inexperienced, go Balangan or Dreamland. 

If you go to Kuta beach there are plenty of surf-schools and it's a beach break, which means no rocks. So it is safer for learning, nevertheless the wave is pretty fast.

It was my nearly first time to try surfing ( I tried it before but I couldn't stand up lol), but I could stand up on the board after few try.

I felt like I caught the wave and so good!!

Ubud is famous as a spiritual place.
In Bali, there is a belief that gods and goddesses exist in the elements of nature, so for Balinese, the spirit world and the human world are constantly interacting. More than 90% of the population practices Balinese Hinduism (the rest of Indonesia is Muslim) and everywhere you look, women are making offerings of rice and brightly coloured flowers, blessing the things they interact with.

It is common practice for Balinese to visit a healer – or Balian – before, or instead of, seeing a Western-style medical doctor. Each village has healers who use medicinal herbs and ancient teachings to treat their patients, and most Balian specialise in a specific type of healing; from organ and bone health to emotional well being and combating black magic.

And there are nice Yoga studios too.
A lot of Yogis visit Ubud to practice Yoga.
I tried it as well and enjoyed peaceful and nice time:D


There are many things you can do in Bali!!
 Explore and find your favorite!


Unknown said…
Bali is no doubt a beautiful place where every year millions tourist come and enjoy the natural environment as they get relax from day today life work.
one more place that I wish to share with you is the Surf in Playa Venao in central America.

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