Hiroshima landslide

This is Mizzy from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
How are you all doing?

Most of you may already know but Hiroshima was attacked by the heavy rain with lightning and thunder, flooding, and mudslides.

The rain started fallling in the evening with frequent lightning and thunder on August 19th.
At 2am on the 20th, the rain got harder and harder, and the thunder went louder.
I couldn't sleep because the rain hitting my house sounded like hailing and it was so noisy.
I was trying to sleep with covering my blanket over my head but then, I heard the thunder struck somewhere near my house.
It was so loud and I jumped up.
My dog woke up as well but she looked at me with a face expression of " I don't care" and went back to sleep.
And I was like "Wow...I respect my little buddy."

August has been spoilt by lots of rains and typhoons.
I have never experienced this kind of weather in hiroshima before.
....Very unusual.

The affected area is a suburb of Hiroshima and 52 people has been found dead and 28 are still missing.

I read so many sad stories about this mudslide and I couldn't help myself not to cry.

My prayers go out to the people who passed away, who lost the loved ones, and who are still missing...

Hiroshima sacrificed a lot in this tragedy.


Never give up!
Stand up! Hiroshima!


Travellers who have been planning to visit Hiroshima must be worried but please don't worry.
Since the central of Hiroshima is not affected at all and all the transportations (Trams/JR sanyo line/Shinnkansen) in the main area are running as usual, you have no problem to go see touristic sites such as the Peace Park and Miyajima.


Anonymous said…
It was very helpful for us as we are visiting Hiroshima on 25th - 28th of September as tourist from U.S.A. Not only Hiroshima City and Miyajima, but also we have a reservation in Okunoshima/Bunny Island. Are there any affects by these recent extreme weather, typhoon, mudslide, etc.?

We are thinking of you all, Hiroshima!

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