It's new! Gion Ryokan Q-beh.

Finally! Our new branch 'Gion Ryokan Q-beh' opened last month.

It is really Japanese style and matches the atmosphere in the area. Kyoto Hana Hostel is like a modern style Japanese and Q-beh is traditional style Japanese.

The entrance,that makes you feel exciting to get in cause it is such like the entrance of old story. Greens, ornaments, the door, everything is a bit unusual.

Staff wearing a unique uniform as Japanese style will welcome you for your comfortable stay (hahaha). Have you ever stayed at old style Kyoto house? What the special thing for the old Kyoto style is 'thin and narrow building`. It's called 'a bed for a eel' as the shape of eels. Q-beh is the old style Kyoto house. You can find a tiny and cozy garden beside the hall way. As for my favorite, a common room on the 3rd floor. It will be perfect place to spend time nothing to do with silent environment and you can even look down the view from the window. Not many tall building but old houses around. The pond for the next garden makes the view great. You may feel like that you were back to old Japan. What I can recommend you to do there is spend your time as chill out. Also enjoy the environment,atmosphere in there and around there. It is the place for experience of unusual gorgeous stay.


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