Kabuki @ Osaka Shochiku-za theatre in October

Have you seen Kabuki?

Kabuki is one of Japan's traditional stage arts started playing in the seventeenth century.
And it is performed by male only.
But some actor look so beautiful that I cannot believe they are male sometimes...

Few years ago, one of my friend asked me to come with her to see Kabuki,
I had not much interested in it that time, but once I had watched I'm into it, too!!
I saw Kataoka Ainosuke on the show and he was so good actor...

Kataoka Ainosuke
Now he is more famous actor for TV drama.

We don't have Kabuki all the time in Osaka, but it will be back from the 3rd to 27th of October!!
And my favorite actor Kataoka Ainosuke will be there !! I am so excited!!!

October kabuki

Date: October 3 (Fri) - October 27 (Mon), 2014 
Place: Osaka Shochiku-za theatre (15minutes walk from Osaka Hana Hostel)
Morning show From 11am 
Evening show From  4pm
Price (with tax)

How you get the tickets:

I hope you enjoy watching Kabuki !!!


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