Morning exercise and morning market

With an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables within easy reach in Takayama, it is hard not to succumb to their temptation, leading to overeating and allowing for the nurturing of a big belly. It is more often than not that I drop by the morning market, saying to myself that I will just take a look, but get carried away and end up carrying one or two bags of vegetables or fruit back home. In a bid to avoid a reunion with my big belly, which I happily bade farewell to ten years ago, I have decided to start a morning exercise routine.

After exploring the neighbourhood for a a few times, I have more or less settled on a route for my jogging exercise. The route will take me from my home to the Shiroyama park, from which I will enter the "Healthy Ten Thousand Steps Route", which ends somewhere near some tomato farms. Then I will jog along the Enako River until I reach the main street, and then cross to the Miya River morning market, where you can reward yourself with some fresh tomatoes or fruit. I am not sure about the total distance yet as I don't have internet access with my phone yet, but I think that should be good enough for a morning exercise, as it has some uphill sections, which will surely make you sweat a lot if you try to jog all the way through.

I will try to do this route three to four times a week, on days when I am off or on late shift. Today I was so happy to see the lady selling mini-tomatoes at the morning market as I still remember the delicious and juicy tomatoes I bought from her last autumn when I first came to Takayama. Apparently she was on holiday the past few weeks but I am glad she is back. And you know what you remember me! That was a pleasant surprise. And of course I bought a lot of mini-tomatoes from her. So sweet!


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