My memories in the U.K

 This is Yoshi. I’m now planning to visit U.K and have a reunion with my shoolmates during my short holiday in October.
 I had faced lots of difficulties during my stay there for 5 years, such as being bothered from preparing for my exams, difficulty in speaking English, having a disease and getting injured by doing karate, facing some series of problems caused by the terrorism in New York, London, and Spain… I was at the crossroad of my life there.
However, my friends helped me and I overcame these problems! I feel friendship is one of the precious things in my life, which leads me to become more energetic!

a facinating city, London!
 It was about two years ago when I returned to Scotland to meet my friends. I remembered precious memories with my friends in Scotland. It made me consider how I had spent my wonderful time with my friends.
My family also had helped me a lot during my stay in the U.K. I would not be there without any help from my family and friends. I think this trip will be the last to go to the U.K with my family since I have to consider my future this year.
My second home town, St Andrews in Scotland
 By the way, about the U.K, I often see Japanese articles and TV programs about Scots referendum this year. If Scotland becomes independent of the U.K, what will happen after that? I cannot imagine... I can understand and respect the sense of feeling among Scottish people with their unique culture, but I cannot say anything as this matter is complicated and will lead to Scottish future. I love all areas of the U.K!! It will be definitely worthy of notice this year!
 Please let me know if you have any good memory with your friends during your stay in any country, I would like to hear thatJ.
  Anyway, I will update some information for sightseeing in the U.K after coming back to Japan!


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