Unexpected in many ways

Hello everyone :) This is Asuka from Kyoto Hana Hostel.

I planned to go to Nagoya on my holidays last weekind.
However, unfortunately, I did not make it due to the typhoon.
There are a lot of events in summer season in Japan, and a lot of typhoons occur.
Music events, some festivals, fireworks and so on.
People look forward to them every summer but we can not avoid typhoons coming.
Apparently, typhoons are named based on where they occur by the way.
I did not know that but it is just for youy information.

I was going to meet my friend who lived in Nagoya but we did not make it.
We changed plan and we would meet up next month!
My schedule for last weekend was clean slated.
However, one friend called me up and we met up. It has been long 6 months.
He was ruined his schedule due to the typhoon too.
Hence we could catch up and chatted lots.

The typhoon ruined my schedule but gave me other opportunity to catch up with my friend.
I did not expect it at all but I had fun after all :)

If you plan to come to Japan in summer season, please keep that typhoon may occur in your mind.
Though nobody knows when and where lol

Enjoy your rest of summer anyways ;)
See you around!


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