Useless English Words Ever

It's a kind of universal common knowledge already that 'Japanese people can not speak English'.
Even legendary famous translator Natsuko Toda who always interviews Tom Cruse when he comes to Japan has made a lot of serious mistakes when she subtitles a movie in Japanese (and confuses us)...
Speaking other language (or own language) well is actually entirely dependent on your communication skill not techniques to control the words. No matter how much time we blame on our education system, we still are not able to communicate with people in English (or other languages) because the way which is considered as a good we communicate with others are different from other culture. Talking a lot is unpleasant habit in Japanese society. So we keep quiet and tend to listen to others even we know how to speak.
Here is a text book.

It is titled 'useless English words ever'.
I bought it since a lot of Japanese people admires this on Amazon. It seems quite a big hit among the people who keen to study English.
No wonder we are not good English speakers. Because we learn it from here. But we know tons of pervert words, and just try not to say those...


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