☆great season to go on a motorcycle ride☆

Hello!! It's going to cool day by day!!

I would like to get a motorbike very much!!!!

Because It's wonderful season to go on a motorbike ride now!!

I used to rode a FTR223 from HONDA.

It was so beautiful!!

 But, I've gave away this motorbike to my friends 2years ago!!

But I miss motorbike very much...

Especially in Spring and Autumn.

There are beautiful sky, wind, and a fragrance of orange osmanthus☆☆

 Now, I'm looking for a cub from HONDA.

This is just small motor vehicle. 50-90cc.

But It's right size to riding through town♪♪

I need to make a money for this!!

Do you know cub from HONDA?

It's very famous as amazing motor vehicle all over the 

world. It can keep running about 110KM with 1L gas!!

And also dramatically indestructible!!

So, That's why It's loved by an enormous people!!

I will get it and go on a motorbike ride again!!

I can not wait the pleasurable sensation☆☆

No motorbike, No life for me...



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