I like Gosari, Fernbrake, 고사리 ワラビ!

Gosari is one of my favorite dishes!

Maybe it is not that familiar vegetable for many of you but I bet you at least once you have seen it when you ordered bibimbap!

Last week, I visited my home country and stayed at busan and Tong-yeong for family-reunion during Chu-suk(Korean Thanks-giving)

 <--- See what I found at a village market!

Super AAA+++ grade Gosari from Jirisan(Mt.Jiri located south-western part of South Korea, well-known for beautiful nature.)

So I bought a quite of volume, full of a plastic bag, costs me 2000JPY!

Young stems of Fernbrake (Gosari) are commonly used to make Namul, vegetable side dishes.
It is also one of the main ingredients for the most popular Korean dish, bibimbap.

YEAY! ME and my boy at Jirisan, last week.
Having a great meal set of San-che bibimbap and Dotori-mook(Jelly made from acorn starch).

 <--- This is Gosary made by Yuno!
Cooked them(Not all of them, maybe 1/6) last night and I already finished it, so Yammy.

Fernbrake is called "the beef of the mountains" due to the high protein content.
It is also good for diet and digestion because it's high in dietary fiber.
However, it is better to eat bracken cooked since the raw ones contain thiaminase, which decomposes vitamin B1.
It is usually sold dried so you should soak it in water and blanch it before cooking.

Do you want to try Gosari?! :P


Unknown said…
おいしそう~!ゆっぴー!!!作って!!! xx

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