My hometown!

Hi there. I got 4 days off and went home for Obon (a period to honor the spirits of one's ancestors in Aug.)
My hometown is located north side of Kyoto prefecture and close to Amanohashidate which is one of the three scenic spots in Japan.
Amanohashidate means a sky bridge in Japanese.
There is called like that because it is like a bridge to the sky if you see there upside down from the top of the mountain.
There is a little far from Kyoto city so not so many tourists visit there, especially foreign travelers.

I invited 2 foreign friends and guided around Amanohashidate.
They really enjoyed looking around there, and even liked the small lift goes up to the small country theme park!
Actually I worried about inviting them before because there is countryside and the transportation is inconvenient...
So I'm glad to know that they had a good time and I knew Amanohashidate is a really beautiful place again.

The highway from Kyoto city to  Amanohashidate is almost  completed so it is going to be closer next spring!
I hope more tourists  come to my hometown after that.

Amanohashidate and the surrounding area are nice for relaxing and traveling calmly.
You would better visit there if you have enough time and want to see the other side of Kyoto!


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