'Sho-fu-en' onsen in Takatsuki city

It is getting cooler these days and we can feel like Autumn has come. Autumn wind makes us want to go out to feel it. I went to onsen last week so. There is a cozy onsen in Takatuki City which is close to Kyoto area. Mountain view is available just beside of the place and rice fields are spread all around there. I and my friends were heading there by bike to have unusual and relaxing time. It was really nice day to cycle as fine whether! The sky is clear,the wind is refreshing. Also the onsen was really nice. There are 3 kinds of out baths and 2 kinds inside baths available. Water is good enough hot and a bit slimy as it includes some special ingredients from the nature water so that it makes skin smoother(Girls should love that kind of effect :) We spent about 2 hours(!) as we talked. We felt that we were refreshed with the atmosphere and the slowly time. Wish to go there again when I want to get relaxing time!


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