A few thoughts on riding a bicycle

The bicycle season in Takayama is approaching its end as winter is just around the corner. I have been warned that it is near suicide riding a bicycle in the winter season not so much because of the snow covering the ground, but more because of the icy surface.

So I have been working pretty hard, practicing a few tricks. One is riding the bicycle with one hand, the other holding an umbrella, shielding your body against the rain. It may sound easy for many daily bicycle users, but to me, it was super scary and challenging. But I am happy to announce that I have more or less mastered this. The turning point came on a rainy day, when I was having an internal debate of whether to ride the bicycle or walk home. I was tired that day, and there was nothing I wanted more than to head home and have a hot shower. Thus, I summoned up my courage to give it a shot. I was grabbing the umbrella as well as the bicycle handle so tightly that my hand hurt when I arrived home, safely and in one piece, thanks God. But I was so scared of losing balance that I was going at turtle speed. But this story taught me that under extreme circumstances you will always be able to unleash your superpower hidden inside you.

The other trick I have yet to master is pushing a bicycle and sliding your body on it in a fluid motion. It looks so cool and every time I see people doing it I cannot help but look on in admiration, especially when it is elderly people pulling this off.


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