Autumn Appetite!!

In Japan, we say autumn is a perfect season to have a good appetite.

There are bunch of foods in season.

Also, we could store up energy for coming for cold season.

I'll show you beautiful foods pictures here in Takayama.

"Saury" is one of seasonal fish in Autumn,
I recommend to have it Sashimi style.

Bottom left, you will see another fish is called "Iwana"
It is river fish, we put it to hot sake and make special one is called "Kotsuzake"

Bottom right is "Curry Udon" It makes you warm!!

 I made original blend spice curry using fresh veggies!!

Bottom right :
There is nice buffet at "Hida Takayama museum of art" Every Tuesday

I feel the season whenever I have fresh veggies.

Upper right: It is craft beer in Gujo Hachiman.
You can find local craft beer everywhere in Japan.

I hope you'll enjoy "Autumn Appetite" in Takayama!!


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