Baseball Game!!

Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, it's Kana here.

Typhoon is approaching to Hiroshima this weekend.
Even though there is a awesome event this weekend....SAKE FESTIVAL!!!!
You can taste hundreds of different Sake and local food. I feel really sorry for the people who were suppose to come...Fes might be cancelled because of YOU typhoon....GO AWAY!!!!

The season for the baseball is finishing soon.
Speaks of baseball is Hiroshima fans! There are a lot a lot a lot of them.
One of our housekeeper is one of them, so she organised for our guest to go and watch the baseball game couple times.

She even prepared the uniform for the guest!

At first time, our guest was little confused and embarrassed about how we cheer the player but they just follow how we do and ended up cheering together in our way!!
Drink a lot! Cheer a lot!
Everybody was really satisfied this unique experience.

Why don't you join us next year!? Guarantee for awesome time!


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