Chillelaxing time on the other day in Hida Furukawa

Hi, it's Misa!
I'm going to write about the other day when I did some nice BBQ (more likely to be a outdoor cooking) on my day off.

I mostly spend my day off having relaxing and chilled time.

On the other day, I went to a park my neighbor ( I think even not many local people don't know the place...!) to do some fancy BBQ with my friends in Hida Furukawa.

There is a spring running very clean and fresh water came from mountains running all the time, even in winter. We washed some vegetables with that very fresh and clean water, and cook them in various ways, made them into salad, "ajillo(Spanish dish)"!!

Whilst having very nice time there, we even happened to see a serow (Kamoshika, which is nationally protected spices) came down from a mountain. (Sorry, the photo is dark!!)

I'm really lucky to live in the town where I can easily access to the places having a really "chillelaxing" time surrounded by beautiful nature.

These kind of places is a little bit difficult to access by public transportation, but hopefully I' like to introduce not only sightseeing spots but also that kind of places to our guests who come to Hida Takayama/Furukawa, and make their trip much more fun and memorable one!


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