Motor vehicle trip

Hi this is Matsu.

Andres from Czech Republic left J-Hopper Hida Takayama and stayed for 2 weeks.

He has been traveling in Asia for 3 months only by  motor vehicle.

He rent a motor  bike  in Osaka .It costs you about 13000yen per month。 It is way cheaper than train or car.

I think  motor  bike is a good choice to travel in Japan.
You can travel to  remote areas that you can not go by train or bus.
Renting a motor bike is not popular in Japan.

I hope more shops will  open for that

He left Takayama with his Sarubobo. I hope he will enjoy the rest of your trip


Unknown said…
Hahaaa, thank you for this blogpost, you made my day :D

Just a small correction - I'm from Slovakia, not Czech Republic :D

Have a great day and I will recommend your hostel to other travellers, it was great to be there!

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