My summer vacation ~at Kumamoto~

Happy Halloween~~!!
Are you enjoying Halloween day??
We, Fukuoka Hana Hostel just had a Halloween party last night and had a blast!!!
I wish we can do this again next year!

Today, let me talk about my summer vacation...
I know it is already fall.. LOL

This summer, I was pretty busy and did not have a chance to think about going on a trip at all... but last month, my partner said that he wanted to go to Kumamoto! I got so excited and said "I am going!" right away!!
 I got so excited and said "I am going!" right away!!

We started our trip from eating Akaushi-don at Imakin Shokudo (いまきん食堂)

This gyudon is famous because the texture of beef is very soft and less greasy than other beef. It is introduced by medias many times so that people wait in a line for long time to eat the gyudon. I am not good at describing the tast.. if you are interested, please go and have it!

After having lunch, we visited Mt.Aso and Aso Cuddly Dominion. It has been at lease several years since I went up to Mt. Aso.  They used to let us go very near to the mountain to see caldera but not any more... which is very disappointing...

At Cuddly Dominion, we can see and play with animals. I really liked that we can feed bears!!

Other thing that I wanted to see in Kumamoto was Kumamoto Castle!!!
A lot of the guests stay with us told me that the castle is very beautiful so I always wanted to see it!!!!!

I was so excited that I finally saw it!! It was way bigger than I thought.

For visiting Kumamoto, there are bus, limited express, and Shinkansen from JR Hakata Station.
There are nature, historical buildings, and food in Kumamoto!
Please visit!!!!


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