People tend to ...

Hello!  This is Asuka from Kyoto Hana Hostel.

How are you doing?
It is strange weather nowadays in Japan.
Lots of typhoons, eructation, earthquake and so on.

It is middle of October and fall.
It is said that people tend to enjoy reading, eating and art in fall.
Needless to say… I enjoy eating lol

It is easy to go to Gion area from Kyoto Hana Hostel.
I often go there after work to have lunch or shopping.
I went to Ichibakoji, Japanese restaurant which is famous for grilled food and beer!
The point is that the atmosphere is very nice there.
Some guests ask us good restaurant, so I highly recommend there :)

It is getting cold outside, so it makes me want to eat something hot.
I gained weight, so I have to be on a diet though…
I can’t stop it lol

Hope I will not upload picture of food and talk about food in next blog lol

Have a nice day/night and eating in fall ;)

Bye now!


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