Time flies like a arrow Koi'n Yano Gotosi

I'm Kimie from J-Stay

After short summer (Actually we had only 10 days sunny days in Kyoto.
How goes on this plant. ;(

Anyway our favorite season, Autumn arrived.
I felt aroma of  flower of Kinmokusei (orange osmanthus) make me feel coming autumn. 
In Japanese there are some phrase for describing Autumn, 
"Autumn is good for something."
Autumn is good for appetite, reading, sport and Love as well : )

For me it is the best season for enjoying traditional Japanese culture. 
Last Sunday I went to ENRIAN Temple in Arashiyama to join tea ceremony my teacher organized. 
According to Buddhism philosophy ENRI means leaving the everyday world and enjoying life in mountain and nature like a hermit. 
Historically Saga Arashiyama was the place to leave from center of Kyoto (Capital) for people who lost struggle of power and demoted position. 
So it was quite close from the JR station. Even though it takes only 15 minuets on foot. 
it is so quiet place. 
So I felt as if I had left the everyday world like a monk.

Reserved for tea ceremony "Kettle for Tea is ready" 
Felt if I had back to the past
Really Cared Japanese Garden 

Felt if stars of leef are shining 
This Path will escort you to paradise 

Enri An will be opened for public viewing from 1sh November to 7th December for Momiji, Colored leafs. 
The picture on the following link is like one peace of Dream. I remember the scenery of FilM  " DREAM" by Akira Kurosawa.
I won't miss it. 

About Japanese philosophy we explain  aging as example change of four seasons. Autumn is the age of climax of one's life for death, winter season.  
Time flies like a arrow. Recognized that  Presence is important for us. 

Entrance of tea room the room with glass 

Prohibited to take picture in side of tea room. Definitely I had relaxed time with delicious tea and sweet with beautifu decoration, l scroll picture, incense box.

Autumn is the longer than spring. Please enjoy lot of event in Kyoto. Keep on!



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