Autumn colour in Jingoji temple

The best season for autumn leaves!!
I visited Jingoji Temple (神護寺) in Takao area.
Many trees were ablaze with autumn colour! What a beautiful place it was!!
Today, November 24th is the last day for the illumination in the precincts. However, we can still see the illumination around the approach to the temple until November 30th at night.

*Illumination along the approach to Jingoji and Takao bridge
 - Time 17.00 - 20.00
 - Until  November 30th

You can visit Jingoji by using city bus or JR bus from Kyoto station, Shijo-Omiya, or Karasuma-Shijo.
*From Kyoto Station
 Please go to Shijo-Omiya, taking JR bus from Shijo-Omiya to Takao (高雄)/Makinoo (槙ノ尾・栂ノ尾).
*From Karasuma-Shijo
 Please take City Bus #8 from Karasuma-Shio to Takao.

I had a wonderful time for autumn-leaf viewing : )


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