Fending off the cold

I have finally got myself a heater before I become frozen. One thing that has become clear after turning on the heater is that the house I am living in right now is really cold, with room temperature not so far below that outside. At this time of the year, the heater display shows the temperature as 5 or 6 degree Celsius. I am sure it will go below zero one day, and I may find my cup of tea frozen inside a glass. I can't help feel envious when my colleague told me the usual room temperature she sees on the screen - twelve or thirteen. Even after setting the target temperature at 20 degrees, I find to my horror that the heater manages to bring it only up to 15 degrees at most. Perhaps I need to buy myself one more heater? Let's see. Despite the limited prospects of my heater's ability to fend off the cold, I do look forward to first snow here in Takayama. Looking at the weather forecasts right now, I think I have to wait a bit more. Maybe early December, I hope? I will definitely give everybody
an update here with photos when the city turns white!


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