Hanoi trip !!

Hi there!!
I've worked here almost 6years now.
As I meet lots of guest from all around the world,I feel very much that I want to travel somewhere...

That's why I went to Hanoi on my vacation!!Yay!!!
It's a first time to visit south-eastern Asia.

5-hour flight was not that bad and When I finished reading a book,I landed on Hanoi.

I was so surprised that The traffic was unbelievable.
I had no idea how to go across the street....but got used it at the end!

There are so many people and bikes and cars everywhere in Hanoi.
I felt this place is full of energy.

There are lots of nice and delicious food are sold on the street ..
Pho tiu is one of my favorite, a noodle dish with a sweet and sour soup of pork and fish sauce. Bowls of hot broth were poured out one by one in front of me, before the women  sprinkled handfuls of fried onion, lean pork, bean sprouts and peanuts onto each, along with a ladle of chilli sauce.

And also  chè sen is one of my favorite sweets!!
It's just 30000VND and so yummy!!
If there is chè sen cafe in Hiroshima,I definitely eat it everyday.

I spent 5days,
I'm amazed at how fast the time goes by.

Nanoi gave me lots of power and It's one of a place for refreshment.
Thaks Hanoi and I hope to be back there near the future again.


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