Love radio!

What I am into over last a few months is radio. There is no TV and computers at my place. I got the question many times,'What do you do at your place so?' when I tell my situation to my friends but I am actually busy somehow. May be to clean,laundry,cook and something more. Sometimes I think that it is very quiet at my place as I live by myself without TV and computer though. However,I found really nice tool to live more fun. It is the radio. I used to listen to the radio every day when I was high school student. Sending a fax with my request for songs was what I did for fun at the time. I was listening it while I study,I paint(My subject was design in the school.). It is difficult to concentrate on something while I watch TV but radio does not interrupt me even though I listen it as I do something. I really have forgot about radio these days but suddenly got remember one day when my stereo components was broken. My amusement was listening music at my place but it could not be available anymore as the machine does not play CD anymore. I was so sad. Really sad..but I got an idea that the machine should be able to work for radio! I have been listening radio since the day. It makes me warm when I hear my favorite songs from radio by chance(that feels different as I play those songs by CD by myself). Listening same voice for same time everyday from the radio also makes me warm as well. Why do not listen the radio when you are board watching TV and doing internet?


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