Beautifully Lit Up in the Evening Kyoto. Nanzenji Temple and Nijo Castle

I don't  go out at night so often because I don't drink usually...
But I could enjoy nighttime this month!

One night, I visited Nanzenji Temple to see colored autumn leaves.
The garden is illuminated at night and it was so beautiful!
There were much less people than I expected so I could be able to relax.
Just sitting, seeing the garden with no-mindedness was a luxurious time.

The other night, went to Nijo Castle.
They hold an event called "Art Aquarium" at night.
It is a fusion of goldfish and art, and also tradition and innovation.

I just surprised that there were so many kinds of goldfish!

       Isn't he cute?:)

Tenjuan, Nanzenji Temple is lit up until the end of this month and the Art Aquarium is exhibit until the 14th of December.


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