The best RYOKAN I've ever stayed Yuda Onsen in Yamaguchi

Hello!! Now, It's really nice season in Hiroshima.

Autumn is the best season in Japan I think:)

By the way, Have you ever stayed at RYOKAN?
RYOKAN is a Japanese inn. It has Japanese traditional style.

I stayed one RYOKAN the day before yesterday.

It's in Yuda onsen,Yamaguchi prefecture.

 The name of RYOKAN is Tokiwa.

Now a days, It's very famous as entertainer.

They have a show every night.

especially a madam is amazing entertainer!!


 It appears on the scene many kind of doll,musical instrument

machine.They can play Japanese traditional music,dancing,song.

I enjoyed a lot and take much force from the show!!

And also I took a hot spring. It was really nice.

They have a great room, meal, bath and show.

I fully enjoyed staying  in there.

I love staying at RYOKAN and taking hot spring.

So I have many experience about that.

I have stayed a lot of RYOKAN but they're one of the best.

I would like to stay with them again!!

If you have any chance to go to Yamaguchi,

You should go there!!!!


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