What kind of TOFU do you like?

Some foreign guests say TOFU is tasteless. I guess they don't know that we have variety of TOFU... Now I introduce my favorite TOFU :-)

Koya TOFU 高野豆腐

Freeze-Dried Tofu, it was accidentally invented, when some tofu was left outdoor in the winter time, So basically, it was the frozen tofu produced at Mt Koya first, And later it came to be accepted as "Koya Tofu" as part of Syojin ryori all over the country. The reason why it came to be called "Koya Tofu" is that, in the Edo era, the tourists coming back from Mt Koya brought the tofu as a souvenir.

Sesami TOFU 胡麻豆腐

They’re not made from coagulated soy milk. It is made from three simple ingredients: ground sesame paste, water, and kuzu or kuzu powder. It is one of the best known shojin ryouri (精進料理 Buddhist cuisine) dish.

Peanuts TOFU ジーマミー豆腐

"Jimami" means "beans that grown in the ground", which means peanut.
It is the special local product of Ie Island, Okinawa. From the old days in the homes of Ie Island, the canned “Jimami” were always set and eaten for appetizers, a processed food of peanut butter, sweet natto (fermented soybeans), and Tofu. These days, Jimami Tofu is not just popular in Okinawa, but among Japan as healthy food, and loved by many young females.

Atsuage 厚揚げ

It's fried TOFU! Just pan-fried them lightly so it become crispy! Eat with soy source and grated ginger. Mmm...I need beer!


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