Epic adventure or how I was looking for a job in Japan.

Tokyo. July. It is +32 outside. I am walking to my next job interview. I can feel how drops of sweat are sliding along my neck. I am wearing black skirt covering my knees, white blouse and black jacket. This is, actually, called a summer suit. But to be honest I feel like a white bear that has reached equator.

All Japanese university graduates go through this procedure. Students usually start job-hunting on their 3d year. So when they graduate they already have jobs. I am foreigner so my way is little bit different. It is called 転職(for those who already have some working experience and just decided to change a company. My interview is taking place at Roppongi. One luxury hotel chain is looking for receptionists. While my `natural` make-up, made according all basic job-hunting rules, is gradually melting I am listening to HR manager talking about the company. This day is going to be tiring. There are about 100 people who came to get the same job. We all look the same way. Beside of the fact that I am the only foreigner. I am through 3 interviews (1 in English and 2 in Japanese) and a test. In 6 hours it was done. And I failed. Luckily, I failed.

My job interview with J-Hoppers was on Skype, as I lived in Tokyo. Skype interviews are awesome! As I could see my face on the monitor as well, it was much easier to keep smiling. And I am quiet sure it is the only reason why they hired me! One more good point is that nobody could see what I was wearing. So my top was a proper look, and down was just pajamas. The coziest interview ever!
Actually I got to know about J-Hoppers in 2013, when I stayed in Hana Hostel in Osaka for a night. I was surprised about things I saw there. People who do not know each other, people with different cultures and religions, from all over the world seat and talk at the lounge drinking and eating together. I felt envy, as I wanted to be a part of this not just for one night. And I was given that chance!
My 3 month trial period has finished! Now I am a part of great and very open-minded J-Hoppers Team. I am sure I will do mistakes and make people angry with me sometimes! But I will do my best to become useful and professional! I still can not believe that I got this job. Job that makes me happy and brings a lot of new people and ideas to my life! And one more thing! Kyoto is just amazing! I am in love with this city! 


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