Christmas party @ Osaka Hana Hostel 2014 !!!

Happy New Year 2015 to everyone !!!!

Hello from Osaka, its Hideko : )

Hope everyone had nice Christmas and Happy new year 2014-2015.

We hosted a Christmas Party on the holy 25th of December at Osaka Hana Hostel.

As you all know that Japan is not the biggest Christian country and we celeblate our Christmas with out too much of religious reason. (more controlled by commercial side.....)

Unlike Christian county, In Japan  we spend Christmas more with friends and boy/girl friend  and spend more time with Family for New year/ New years eve.

However, our Osaka Hana Hostel's Christmas Party was more like Family occasion as all our guests and staffs are like our family !!!!

Thank you so much for joining our Christmas party, we had Santa-clouse and Santa-clusette  visiting Osaka Hana Hostel and brought us much happy time !


Hope to celebrate together this year again !!!!

Picture with Hana Staff and edible Christmas tree !!!

2015 mo  yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!!


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