Eat well and work out hard.

Both eating good foods and doing exercise are one of my favorite daily activities.
However, even though I try to work out regularly, it is difficult to do exercise more than other seasons such as spring, summer and fall. I know it sounds like "an excuse" though, I'd like to say it is due to heavy snow this year.

Despite of it, I lately tried a sea of  yummy stuffs at restaurants in Takayama.

Toast with colorful and fresh vegetables

Salad with baked camembert cheese

Hida apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and rum

Every time after these tasty foods, yes of course, I do exercise to prepare for my next appetite. 

"Into the Wild"

Snowshoeing in the wild.

I find that this cycle "Eat well and work out hard " keeps me stay healthy both in mentally and psychically. So, I think I should make more efforts to attach more importance to "working out "in order to keep balance between two of my favorite daily activities.


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