Himono Onna 干物女

January… I don’t know what you usually do when it is freezing outside like these weeks, but I buy as much food as I can carry, in particular pastry, ice-cream and chocolate. Turn on heater, make cocoa, hide myself under the blanket and watch films.
It sometimes happens when you read a book or watch some film and recognize yourself being very similar to a main character. It is nice when you have something in common with a brave or beautiful hero. In my case, it is a little bit different. I saw myself in Japanese series called干物女 (Himono Onna). This combination is a mix of two words: dried fish and woman.  I didn't even know that this type of woman like me existed. But that Japanese dorama just showed things as they were in my life. It will take ages to retell the plot of the series. In few word, HimonoOnna(main character) is young and good-looking woman who is very busy with her work. So that when she is back home, she eats some bento from super market, drinks beer and falls asleep at her terrace covering her body with newspaper like homeless. She is not interested in wasting time on men. Weekends she spends eating in bed and drinking beer.

This is what wikipedia says how to recognize Himono Onna:
  • replies messages in a very short way and with a delay
  • eats standing at the kitchen
  • does no makeup and wears no bra at weekends
  • doesn't visit hair salon more than once or twice a year
  • doesn't shave her legs in winter time
  • goes to bars on her own
  • doesn't fall in love
  • has a terribly messy room
In the end, of course, Himono Onna met her Prince Charming who accepted her as she was. I just wonder if there is any possibility to end up like that???
Reality is very cruel though. So my New Year Resolution was to keep my place clean and make an effort to get out of the bed at weekends. Today is 16th of January and I am doing well so far, spending yesterday day-off at home eating pizza in bed and reading books doesn't count. 
Wish me good luck!
PS I hope it won’t be too much of a shock for me when time to wear bikini comes.


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