Predicting the Year Ahead

In Japan, we visit a shrine (some people visit a temple) usually in the first three days of January.
Generally, we wish for the new year,  get new omamori(charms) and draw omikuji(a written fortune).
I visited the shrine in my hometown but I couldn't draw omikuji because many people were lining up at that time.

So I went to Fushimi Inari Shrine on the other day to predict this year.
There are two stones called omo-karu ishi (heavy-light stone).  You lift the stone after making a wish. It is said that if you feel that the stone is lighter than you expected, your wish will come true.
I tried that instead of omikuji and I felt that the stone was heavier...

The next day I visited Kifune Shrine and drew omikuji hoping to get a good one.
Their omikuji is different from a typical omikuji. You float a paper on the water, so that the letters will be appeared.
I got 末吉(Ending blessing) and these things were written,

願事 (wish or desire) – may be bothered by someone
恋愛 (romantic relationships) – may be bothered by someone you haven't expected,                                                             should refrain from everything
旅行 (travel) – shouldn't travel

it's up to me whether believe or not, right?;P


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