Hello! I'm Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

I took a vacation for a week and traveled to Taiwan last week.

It's only 2hours and half flight from Hiroshima to Taipei.
I've heard that January is the coldest month of the year in Taiwan but for me, it was not so bad and I enjoyed that kind of weather there.

I spent 2days in Taipei and I had only 3more days left to stay, but I wanted to visit major cities in Taiwan as much as I could, so I bought "Taiwan high speed rail 3 days pass"(around 8000yen)that valid for overseas travelers to Taiwan.
This pass allows unlimited rides on the bullet train for 3consecutive days.
I think that's a good deal for traveling in a limited time frame in Taiwan!

On the third day, I moved to southern part of Taiwan.
The weather was really great in this season, especially Tainan city.
On arriving at the Tainan station,I fell in love with this city!
People,weather,atmosphere of the town.....
Everything there was just perfect for me.
If you have a chance to travel to Taiwan,Tainan is definitely worth a visit!!

There are still so many places in Taiwan where I must visit and I met such a great people who helped me in many ways during my trip!

I will definitely go back there again!!!


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