Yummy egg sandwich!

One day,I found egg sandwich which looks really nice on TV. That is a specialty of an old cafe Nippori Area in Tokyo according the information in the TV show. Some other menu from other cafe and restaurants were introduced as well at the time but the egg sand in the cafe sounded the best! I imagined how I can cook it by myself as I remember what I watched and heard. It looked really simple as the ingredients is only egg. No vegetables,meet and seafood. The taste should be simple as well so,I thought. Talked about it to coworkers to make it by myself and I told them that I will cook it with the recipe which we thought out. However something happened by chance. The recipe was found in a cooking book which my coworker borrowed at a library. What a lovely accident it was! I and the coworker talked that it happened because we wished that want to cook delicious sandwich from our bottom of heart:)). It is made with egg,bread,butter,mayonnaise,mustard and a bit salt according to the recipe. The point is using a lot of butter to make stumbled egg much fluffy. I finally made it then and it was really yummy! Only one thing what I should improve for the next time is my skill to make eggs more fluffy. It was enough delicious for the first time one though. You can try cooking it with the recipe and will love it if you are a big fan of egg!


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