Hi everyone :)
This is Asuka from Kyoto Hana Hostel.

There is lots of restaurant in Osaka and Kyoto.
Some of them have expensive dinner dishes but reasonable lunch.
I like searching that kind of restaurants :9

Last week I went to Kitashinchi, Osaka to eat awesome Kaisendon.
Donbuli is Japanese cuisine that we put something on the rice.
And we have many kinds of Donbuli.
Kaisendon is one of them :)
We put some Sahimi on the rice.

The restaurant I went is very small but they provide awesome cuisine.
At dinner time, everything is sort of expensive but they are worth it.
I recommend that we should go there at lunch time to eat reasonable Kaisendon :) haha

You've got hungry, haven't you ?
Have a nice eating life ;) haha



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