Hello.This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Have you ever heard about Onomichi ?

It is one of the city in Hiroshima prefecture.
It takes about 50 min by Shinkansen and local train from Hiroshima station.

Last week I went there with my friend.
I am from Hiroshima but actually I had never seen very well.

Onomichi has the mountain side and the sea side.

The mountain side has heaps of temples, shrines,old houses and lovely cats !
Since Onomichi is very old city, there are a lot of slope way.
That is the reason why Onomichi is called `The town of slope ` (Saka no machi).
It is quite hard to go up to the temples but the view from the top is amazing!
(Wildcats in Onomichi are friendly but please do not feed them.)

The sea side has a lot of restaurants, shops and cafes.
Onomichi ramen is famous in Onomichi.
If you are fan of ramen, please try it once.

Onomichi is famous for cycling as well.
There are 9 bridges between Onomichi and Imabari (Ehime).
Many cyclists come here and run over to Shikoku island.
Even you do not have your own bicycle, you can rent it.

*Rental Fee*
・Adult (J.H.S and older): 500 yen  per day
・Child (Elem.S.S under):300 yen per day
・Electric Assisted Bicycle :800 yen per day

Here is the link about cycling in Onomichi :)


Since we need to go up and down many time on the way, 
we did cycling with Electric Assisted Bicycle this time.

It is absolutely amazing city for me.

Why don't you enjoy Onomichi? :)


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