Did I scare you??

Hello. I'm Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

If you're traveling in Japan, have you seen SAKURA(cherry blossoms) yet?

From late March-April is SAKURA season in Japan!
The cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flower, so I can't wait to go to Peace park and walk along an avenue lined with cherry blossoms!!

By the way, I've got hay fever...
If I forgot to take a medicine, I'll be in big trouble...runny noses, sneezing and blood shot eyes...

One day, I was wearing mask to cover my mouth and nose because my hay fever was so bad that day.
One of our guests asked me,
"Why do Japanese people wear mask??"

Well, I know that's weird...
Sorry for scared you, but don't worry!!! There's some reasons!

1.Because they got a cold.
→They don't want other people to get a cold from their cough and sneeze.

2.Because they don't want to get a cold.
→They're afraid of  getting illness like flu.

3.Because they have hay fever like me.

If you feel like you're getting hay fever in japan, just go run to pharmacy and get a mask!
It may help you a lot!!!


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