Hello!! I'm Mayu from J-Hoppers Hiroshima:)

Do you have any favorite baseball team?

In Hiroshima, There is a great team!!



Actually, This team is not so strong...

Only in recent years, It left behind good performance.

Then... From this season... A man came back to 

our CARP!!!!!!!!

He is really famous in America as well.

He had been with Dodgers and Yankees as pitcher.

His name is Hiroki Kuroda!!!

He used to be with CARP 8years ago.

When he has gone to America,He promised us to

come back here some day.

He kept the promise with CARP fan!!!!!!

Then, We are so exciting for this season a lot!!!

CARP must get the pennant!!!!

Now, Hiroshima is hot on baseball match!

If you have any chance to go to stadium,

It should be great time for you:)

Please join us and cheer for CARP!!!!!




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