Jonangu Shrine: Ume blossoms were in full bloom!!

Hello! This is Yoshi!!
I hear that the best season for full-blown ume blossoms is around early March.
So, I visited Jonangu Shrine, where there is a beautiful Japanese garden for ume blossoms, on March 8th!
Ume blossoms
Jonangu 城南宮

Jonangu Shrine is well known as "Houyoke-no-taisha (方除の大社)," which is believed to remove  calamities related to direction.
The shrine has five different kinds of Japanese gardens: Haru-no-yama (春の山),  "Heian-no-niwa (平安の庭)," "Muromachi-no-niwa (室町の庭)," "Momoyama-no-niwa (桃山の庭)," and "Jonanrikyu-no-niwa (城南離宮の庭)
Each of the gardens has a variety of Japanese traditional views, which leads us to feel relaxed and calm.


I found carp swimming in a pond!


I was impressed with beautiful ume blossoms and camellias in the Shinen area.

Welcome to Shinen (神苑) !!

So beautiful!!!

 Why don't you visit Japanese gardens with ume blossoms before the sakura season?


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