Hi there!
It's getting warm and warm and The cherry blossoms are really beautiful now.
If you are in Japan,bring your lunch or dinner and have a drink under threes!!

At the beginning of March,I visited to Kyoto to see Kabuki theater.
I've been curious to know Kabuki for a long time and finally could see it!!Yay!!

Kabuki is a theatrical form that integrates acting,dancing,music and elaborate stage equipment.It is performed by men.

At Kyoto Minamiza,They do two shows a day.
(They do not play Kabuki every month,please check the information before you go)

I booked the seat the day before, and it was 3000yen per person.
There is cafe in Minamiza,but I bought lunch box near the station and rent a headset with Japanese guide.

One play takes about 1hour and a half or 2hours normally.

It was beautiful and I'm so impressed.
has passed very quickly and I decided to come and see this again near the future!!

If you are interested in Japanese culture and fed up with temples and shrines,
defiantly recommend to see Kabuki theater.

1,During the show,someone shout a stage name for the actor.
They are called "Ohmuko",they shout actor's stage name when the drama reaches
its climax.

2,Kabuki actor's make-up is so unique and it have special meanings.

The make -up is called "Kumadori"exaggerates actor's emotions.
Red is used for justice and goodwill,blue for injustice and evil,
and brown for evil spirits.


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