Sakura Season

Hi, this is Nana from Fukuoka Hana Hostel.

The temperature is getting warmer here in Fukuoka. I am feeling that spring is finally here!

Cherry blossom (Sakura in Japanese) is one of my favorite flowers!

I did not have time to go see cherry blossoms. So this year, I am definitely going to one of the parks to see them!!!!

The popular parks for cherry blossom viewing  are Ohori park, Nishi park, and Maizuru park.
Ohori park is only 5 minutes away by subway from nearest station.
We always recommend there for a walk.

I just found out few days ago, there are trees of cherry blossoms along the river side of Nakasu where many Yatai (food venders) are!

I do go drinking at all, but if I could see this beautiful flowers this close, I would go drink at Yatai!


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