Spring season is coming

Hello I'm Shige. 
Time is going so fast. 
February is over and now already March. 
Spring season is coming. 
Spring is my favorite season Because we can make Hanami party under the cherry tree.
So I want to recommend the place to make nice Hanami party on Kyoto.
Maruyama Park 
One of famous place to make it. 
And there have big and historical cherry tree.
Many people go there to see it.
You must see it when you come.
Many Students, office workers, friends and couples are going there. 
Hirano shrine
This shrine is famous about cherry blossom. 
Many food shops open in the shrine.

Hugo's place does not have shops. 
But there have very good view of cherry blossom. 
You can see the cherry tunnel.
I can not wait this season. 
Please enjoy the cherry blossom if you come to Kyoto in spring.


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