two ways to celebrate spring: Taiko & Gagaku

This is Kimy from J-Stay.
Spring is coming in Kyoto! 
According today's weather report in Kyoto Sakura will bloom from 25th March. And the beginning of April will come to the peak. Everyone can't wait more. :)
But it will be cold from next Monday. We say this change of weather三寒四温(Sankan Shion) which means cycle of three cold days and four warm days. This change requires for having beautiful flower. 
Before arriving Sakura Many blossom make us happy when going to station everyday. 

Hioki Sakura, 
Margaret and more....

For Japanese Spring is the best timing for new start. So there are different type of events for celebration of Spring. 
I went to music events last weekend and yesterday which were invited by J-Stay Guests. 

1)Taiko: Japanese percussion 
Always our French chef cooked delicious food in share house. 
Last weekend he showed us another talent for Taiko, Japanese percussion which he started from this year. This time was the first Taiko performance at Biwako Hall. 

This event was showing different level of class from beginners and semi professional. This live lasted 4 hour and half. I felt it one way to express energy from the bottom of our body like dance. I learned Salsa dance in Mexico. So when I watched performance I almost danced. 

Final performance of teachers with many different type of Taiko
like yelling from soul

On the other hand, yesterday I went to 
Gagaku performance. 
Gagaku is ancient imperial court music and dances. Japanese classical music more than 1,200 years Originally the music for God in Shrine So stage of Gagaku looks like Shrine. 
Flutes, oboe, percussion and mini organ. 
ago. So it says the oldest Japanese traditional orchestra. 

Ichihime Shrine locates on Kawaramachi nanazyo have this seasonal performance for get popular every spring.
Costume was so delicate unique and beautiful. 
We really enjoy like living ancient period. 

Enjoy  your spring. 


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