What's White Day ?

Valentine day is widely known in the world as you know.

Valentine day in Japan is known as a day which females give something (most of the time it's chocolate) to males who they are found of, as you probably have heard of (or not).

March 14th, White day is not something you could find in western culture.
Sounds like a racist day? No way. Then what is it?

It's the day  males who has got something from females around have to give something back in return.
It was born in Japan and has spread to many Asian countries like China, Taiwan, South Korea (so Wikipedia says).

It's all about commercial, one of the stories says its origin has to do with some sweets companies decision to make March 14th promoting as White day to sell their products after Valentin's day with a advertising slogan saying like:

"I'll give your chocolate love back in white soft marshmallow of my love"

I'm almost throwing up with this cheesy words but anyway...

If you are in Japan now or visiting before March 14th, you sure will find many many stores promoting goods for White day:)

Why don't you get something for your precious ones with many thank-yous??

By the way, Ive just learned that there is "Black Day"in South Korea which is about
people who are heart broken after Valentin's day and white day gathering up and
pity partying.

 Have a good one everyone:)


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