Hi, this is Nana from Hakata!
The weather finally gets nice and I feel so comfortable today.
I wish the weather stays like this forever, but I'm already feeling that summer is coming very soon...
One of our guests already got sunburn... Oh, no... I am not ready for hot summer yet!!!!

Last week, I went to Shimonoseki.
There is a fish market called Karato Ichiba which is about 15 to 20 minutes from Shimonoseki station.

On the weekend there are some events. The day I went, there was Sushi sale going on.
Very fresh sushi were sold for good deal.
I had some sushi and fried Fugu (locals call it Fuku).

After I enjoyed my lunch, I wen to the place I always wanted to go: Hinoyama Park!
I did not think the park was that high!! From the top of the park, the view of city and Kanmon Straits was so beautiful!

From Hakata, You can take both JR train or buss to get to Shimonoseki, takes about one and 40 minutes to two hours.


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