I had wild bear meat.....!!

Have you tried wild bear meat???

There is a restaurant named "Takachiyo"

It is located in Gokayama (between Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa)

and the owner is animal hunter!

So you can try some kind of rare meat.

You can see the menu...wild bear, wild bore,

wild pheasant...and so on...!

I ordered "Wild Bear Sashimi" and "Wild Bear Hot Pot"

Sashimi was chilled meat, when I put it in my mouth,

it smelled like nuts, because bear has nuts a lot!!

Wild bear hot pot was sooo yummy!!

It was bit chewy, but didn't smell at all.

You can try local tofu is called "Gokayama-Dofu" as well.

It is harder than normal one and very filling.

After Hot pot, you can order "Zosui" (Rice Soup)

It makes you warm!!!!!!

I had a great time there with locals.


They have English menu!!


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