New staff

Hello! This is Tomomi from Hiroshima:)
These days we have a NEW staff member at Hana hostel.
His name is RYOU and he comes from Sendai (Miyagi prefecture).
He will stay at Hana about one month as a free accomodation staff.
Free accommodation staff means that Ryou helps us to make your stay at Hana a remarkable and fun experience and for that he can call Hana his home. 

He is having the cheering goods of the Carps in the picture, but actually he really loves football (for our American guests: soccer ;)). 
Ryou has even visited Brazil to attend a World Cup game! And he has been a backpacker, visiting 28 countries. 
Ryou can only be in Hiroshima for a month, but we hope he will like Hiroshima and we will have a great time together!


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