What is meant by “Hana yori dango”?

Hello! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
As you know, Japanese people love Sakura (cherry blossom) .
I am also one of them.
(Not only Japanese but also a lot of foreign people come to Japan to see them in Spring.)

Since I was NOT in Japan last year, I was looking forward to seeing them very much.

This year I went to many parks to see Sakura and every time I took pictures of them and every time I had Dango (Dumplings) there.
Then my mother and my friend said ` You are Hana yori Dango !`
It means I am a person who enjoy the eating rather than the cherry blossom viewing.....

Sadly, the season of Sakura already has gone in Hiroshima...They were absolutely amazing !
I am looking forward to seeing them NEXT SPRING !

Sakura Mochi 
(Rice cake wrapped with Sakura leaves)
I made it last week with the leaves we can see now on the Sakura tree branch:)


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