Hello, this is Nao from Q-beh.

I just came back from my vacation for 9days.
I visited Tokyo and Okinawa for my trip this time.
Most of the days were rainy though, I really had an awesome time.
Shisa:D Okinawan lion statues
In Okinawa, it was one of my purposes to buy "Yachimun" pottery.
Yachimun is Okinawan traditional pottery.
I was impressed with Yachimun when I visited Okinawa last year.
Yachimun master!!
There are many pottery studios at "Yachimun no Sato" in Yomitan Village and also at "Yachimun Street" in Naha City. 
Each studios has typical design.
So it's fun to find your own favorite studios there:)
Even though they have been keeping the traditional way of making Yachimun, it seems the design is matched with the generation. So it's getting popular among young people!!

I've got two lovely souvenirs for myself.
Every time I use them, they will remind me of many nice memories in Okinawa:)


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